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I would aim to achieve the safe and reliable transit system that current transit users have indicated to me is important to them and that will encourage more people to choose transit to reduce traffic congestion...

Election 2017 candidate questions - Edmonton Journal

Name of the candidate / ward:

Shelley Tupper / Ward 2

If all you had was one Tweet to convince constituents to vote for you, what would you say? (140 characters)

You want to be heard; I am committed to listening. I want to apply my character & community work experience for you. Lets work together!

Name one issue you would work on — as an individual and with council — where you feel you could make significant improvements in a single term. What will you aim to achieve?

City Council approved the Transit Strategy that will guide decisions about what the bus and LRT system will be like in the next ten years. As a transit user from when I first moved to Edmonton to attend NAIT and then commuting from my residential community to work in the downtown core I have extensively made use of our bus and LRT system. Being involved with the Strategy will also provide experience that will help with other issues in the ward and City.
I would aim to achieve the safe and reliable transit system that current transit users have indicated to me is important to them and that will encourage more people to choose transit to reduce traffic congestion.

Residential speed limits: A new big city charter allows Edmonton to change default speed limits. Would you vote yes on lowering residential speed limits to 30 kilometres an hour? Why or why not? (max 100 words)

Lowering the speed limits to 30 kilometres an hour around playgrounds, elementary and junior high schools has drawn attention for the need to be extra cautious in these areas; I believe this also influences driver behavior in other residential areas of their community without changing the default speed limits to 30 kilometres an hour. I would not vote yes on lowering residential speed limits specifically to 30 kilometres an hour.

Jobs: Edmonton is facing a new economic reality with oil sitting under $60 a barrel for the foreseeable future. What steps should the city take to support job creation? (100 words)

Advocating for funding from the federal and provincial governments has been successful. Earlier this year the Federal government committed to supporting existing subsidies for affordable housing, to fund renovating existing units and to build new units of housing. The funding will serve two purposes: providing needed housing and job creation. The Provincial government is investing in infrastructure in the Edmonton area; the building of new and renewing existing roads, hospitals and schools likewise will stimulate the economy and create jobs.
Advocating further needs of the city must continue with both levels of government.

Money talks: If elected, you will be voting on new four-year capital and operating budgets in 2018. Explain your budget priorities and thoughts on the current property tax rate. (100 words)

Several people have told me they run their households in a fiscally conservative manner including incurring good debt of a mortgage to finance the purchase of their residence. They have expressed they would appreciate the municipal government running the city the same way. They want the City to stick to basics of policing, fire rescue, public transit and snow clearing and to do them efficiently. Others have shared that they understand that infrastructure needs to be replaced however they have a hard time understanding when their hard earned property tax dollars go to non-essential projects that should be left to the private sector. 

Homelessness: To meet Edmonton’s goal to end homelessness, new sites for housing are key. How do you see your role in this? What will you do as a councillor to engage on the issue and determine the best sites? (100 words)

Current successful supportive housing programs have support systems including health care, addition counseling and treatments for the residents that go beyond a roof over the resident’s head. I see my role as learning about the support systems currently in place to determine their capacity and what would be required for them to be successfully replicated in another location. Efforts need to be aligned with all three levels of government to strengthen communities. Some residents I have spoken with think the former remand centre should be used for supportive housing. 

Biography. Please summarize who you are and what experience you bring to the job. For this question only, if your biography is posted on your election page, feel free to simply include a link.

Please visit my website at http://www.shelleytupper.ca/about_shelley

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