Coalition Union and Labour Candidate Survey - Shelley Tupper - Ward 2 - Edmonton

I would support working with employers to educate them that they also benefit from their employees earning a “Living Wage”. Their employees earning a “Living Wage” leads to increased employee retention rates, thus saving hiring and training costs, increased employee productivity, decreased employee absenteeism for an overall improved company reputation to attract a workforce and business.

1. Shelley Tupper

2. Ward 2

3. Please give examples of your community involvement.

Please refer to my website for my biography that details my community involvement. From my involvement with the Kensington Community League I chaired the Spray Park Redevelopment Committee that oversaw a $500,000 installation of a new spray park in Kensington in the spring of 2015 and I am the President of Area Council One whose member communities include Athlone, including Dunvegan, Calder, Kensington, Lauderdale, Rosslyn and Wellington Park.

During the early summer of 2010 I worked with Front Yards in Bloom to recognize yards in Kensington that were contributing to the beauty of the Community. In the seven years since I have worked with other community volunteers to also recognize yards in the other Area One Communities.

I have been the Secretary of the North West Edmonton Bingo Association (Kensington Bingo) for the past six years.

I have also received recognition for my work in the community such as:
- Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal
- Alberta Centennial Medal
- Area Council One President’s Award
- Catholic Social Services Outstanding Volunteer Service Award.

4. What makes you the best candidate running in your ward (what skills, experience, passion) would you bring to city council?

I have asked the people that know me to talk to others. They can honestly report that I am very dedicated, hard working and do my homework, keeping an open mind, to arrive at good decisions.

On many occasions I have been asked for guidance and assistance.

I am respected for standing up for what is right.

By nature I am a positive person and have been described as a person of action that gets things done.

I have passionately worked in communities through initiatives like Front Yards in Bloom and Capital City Clean Up. This has resulted in caring, respected and safe communities.

There is value in having worked on capital projects from the beginning of determining needs, the reviewing of bids and contracts, to their successful completion.

I believe my community league involvement and volunteer experience has prepared me for the responsibilities of a councillor.

5. Campaign Update

I launched my Campaign on May 16, 2017 and held a fundraiser on June 15, 2017. Presently 95 volunteers have indicated they are available through the summer to Election Day. This number will grow when people return from summer vacations.

6. If elected, what would be your priorities as a Councillor?
What do you think Councils short and long term goals should be?

From the input of residents my priorities would be:
- essential services like Fire Rescue, Policing, snow clearing and the needed replacement of infrastructure be delivered efficiently and effectively as people want their hard earned tax dollars wisely spent
- public transit that is safe and reliable
- giving residents a meaningful role in planning the city and receiving a fair hearing from city hall will result in good development for the city
- addressing the lack of communication with in the city that has left residents frustrated
* in dealing with 311 on what should be very simple common sense items
* over the poor coordination of the implementation of capital projects
* the most concerning are the long term delays that have occurred in prominent
capital projects.

I think Councils short and long term goals are tied together as communication must improve with in departments and branches as well as through out the entire organization.

7. Once a Councillor is elected what role do you believe citizens have in shaping their decisions?

Councillors are to be connected to their communities for there to be civic engagement between them and the residents. I believe the more input that I have from Ward 2 residents the best possible decisions will be arrived at.

8. If elected what would you do to address racism and gender equality in Edmonton?

I would seek input from community leaders and encourage the continued reaching out to the greater community as demonstrated by the Alrashid Mosque.

I would continue support for Women’s Initiative Edmonton, endorsed by City Council, and other organizations such as Y.W.C.A., Global’s Women of Vision, Alberta’s Ministry for Status of Women, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs and Equal Voice.

9. If elected, will you support a “Living Wage Policy” for all workers employed by the City of Edmonton and any contracted services by the city.  

Yes explained in 11.

10. Should municipal governments be run like a business?

Yes explained in 11.

11. Articulate response to previous questions.

Number 9
I would support working with employers to educate them that they also benefit from their employees earning a “Living Wage”. Their employees earning a “Living Wage” leads to increased employee retention rates, thus saving hiring and training costs, increased employee productivity, decreased employee absenteeism for an overall improved company reputation to attract a workforce and business.

Number 10
Municipal governments do run a business. The municipality takes in revenue and incurs expenditures to maintain city owned infrastructure and to deliver services to citizens. Operating and Capital Budgeting is utilized for short and long term planning. Financing is utilized to acquire large infrastructure projects that will benefit the municipality over a long period of time for example fire halls, recreation centres and libraries.

12. Do you support increasing taxes to maintain the levels of public service?


13. Explain your answer.

The city’s costs are affected by many factors; I would first want to know the services are being delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible. Then I would seek to understand the increased costs involved to maintain the level of public service.

14. Do you believe the city needs additional sources of revenue other than property taxes, user fees or provincial and federal grants?

The city also generates revenue from franchise fees – diversification of funding should be kept in mind.

15. How do councilors ensure that public tax dollars are being spent as efficiently as possible?

By reviewing the business plans and the operating/capital budgets of the Departments and Branches of the City of Edmonton.

16. Should the City be taking the lowest bids for procurements in the interests of the rate payers or should they be looking into wages and labour standards of those offering to provide goods and services to the city.

Bids should be reviewed in context of the tender document’s specifications taking into consideration the bidder’s experience and reputation; this would include the relationship it has with its work force. Accepting the lowest bid does not ensure the taxpayers will get the best value for their tax dollars.

17. Do you support the use of Public Private Partnerships (P3s) to finance projects? 


18. Edmonton is the core of a region that includes over twenty municipalities. Do you believe that a regional strategy on service sharing is necessary and if so, how do you see such a strategy unfolding?

I totally believe the service sharing is necessary so there is optimal use of resources versus duplication of service. This will lead to effective management of public transit and special transit services for persons with disabilities.

19. Do you have experience working in a unionized environment? What role do you believe a union plays in the running of a city like Edmonton?

I was employed by the Federal Government for 35 years. I believe the role the union plays is for the workforce being treated fairly.

20. What are your thoughts on closed shops, where all employees of a work place are automatically union members? Should employees be able to “opt out” or choose to have their union dues given to a charity if they don’t agree with unions or union goals?

I do agree the employee should have the right to explain why he or she does not agree with the union.

21. What do you believe are the benefits/drawbacks of having services provided directly by the City of Edmonton? (eg. Rec centres, transit, fire rescue, etc.)

I believe a benefit is the City develops and keeps good people working for the municipality.

22. What do you believe are the benefits/drawbacks of having services of the private sector providing services to the City of Edmonton (neighbourhood renewal, garbage collection etc.)?

The private sector bears the capital cost of providing the necessary equipment for the services being provided; resources that would otherwise be needed for capital financing are available to the municipality.

23. Please write any additional comments.

I believe councillors should be residents of the ward they represent. I have lived in the Kensington community for over 30 years. It would be an honour to serve the residents and communities of Ward 2.

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  • commented 2017-10-04 15:49:25 -0600
    Given that wages for City of Edmonton Employees are higher than those in the private or social sector for comparable work and that most employees wages are the result of collective bargaining between the unions and management, there is no need for a “living wage policy”. What exactly do unions and labour movement people think is a “living wage” given that wages are the result of economic factors and negotiation?
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