CBC Survey - Shelley Tupper - Ward 2 - Edmonton

Residents of Ward 2 have told me they want to be heard. I am committed to listening so we can work together....

Name: Shelley Tupper

Occupation: Retired from a 35 year career with the Federal Government 

Education: Graduated with Honours from NAIT Accounting Program

Ward you are running in: Two

Do you have children? No

How long have you lived in Edmonton?

After graduating from Lorne Jenkin Highschool in Barrhead in 1978, I moved to Edmonton to attend NAIT. I have lived in Edmonton since.

Why are you running for council?

Residents of Ward 2 have told me they want to be heard. I am committed to listening so we can work together.

- They understand the need for property taxes for essential services like Fire Rescue, Policing, snow clearing and infrastructure that needs to be replaced; they have the right to the efficient delivery of these services so their hard earned tax dollars are wisely spent.

- They want public transit that is safe and reliable.

- Giving citizens a meaningful role in planning the city and receiving a fair hearing from city hall will result in good development for the city.

- They have expressed being very frustrated by the lack of communication within city departments that has led to the poor coordination of the implementation of capital projects. Equally frustrating has been dealing through 311 on what should be very simple common sense items.

- What is concerning residents most are the long term delays in prominent capital projects.

Residents of Ward 2 are proud citizens of Edmonton.  They deserve choice in who represents them.

I believe equally important is their representative to be a Ward 2 resident. I have lived in the community of Kensington for over 30 years.  

It would be an honour to serve the residents and our communities of Ward 2. 

I have asked the people that know me to talk to others. They can honestly report that I am very dedicated, hard working and do my homework, keeping an open mind, to arrive at good decisions.

On many occasions I have been asked for guidance and assistance.

I am respected for standing up for what is right.

By nature I am a positive person and have been described as a person of action that gets things done.

I have passionately worked in communities through initiatives like Front Yards in Bloom and Capital City Clean Up. This has resulted in caring, respected and safe communities. 

There is value in having worked on capital projects from the beginning of determining needs, the reviewing of bids and contracts, to their successful completion. 

I believe my community league involvement and volunteer experience has prepared me for the responsibilities of a councillor.

What do you think are the top three issues in your ward? (Please keep your answer to 100 words or less)

Property Taxes

Several people have told me they run their households in a fiscally conservative manner including incurring good debt of a mortgage to finance the purchase of their residence. They have expressed they would appreciate the municipal government running the city the same way. They want the City to stick to basics of policing, fire rescue, public transit and snow clearing and to do them efficiently. Others have shared that they understand that infrastructure needs to be replaced however they have a hard time understanding when their hard earned property tax dollars go to non-essential projects that should be left to the private sector.          

Residential Infill in mature neighbourhoods 

One resident has suggested a moratorium as she is saddened her community is being overrun with skinny houses on small lots; she wants to maintain the character of her community.

Another has stated there is little incentive for her to maintain her property or to enhance it for a buyer when it is going to be purchased by a developer to bulldoze it to build two skinny houses.

Residents of some communities are grappling with infill on the one hand and having it being suggested their neighbourhood school be closed. It just does not make any sense to them!  


City Council approved the Transit Strategy that will guide decisions about what the bus and LRT system will be like in the next ten years. There are concerns about the “first and last mile” of a trip.

As a transit user from when I first moved to Edmonton to attend NAIT and commuting from my residential community to work downtown I have extensively used our bus and LRT system. 

Current transit users have indicated to me it is important to them it be safe and reliable and this would encourage more people to choose transit to reduce traffic congestion.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the city, and what would you do about it? (Please keep your answer to 100 words or less)

People have expressed concern to me about the ever expanding of the city as they understand how costly it is provide and service infrastructure to these new areas of the city. Residential infill is required to alleviate these pressures however creativity is needed so the character of communities is retained.  I would work with individual communities to identify the large and small opportunities within each one; in mature communities explore the design of garage and garden suites. This would free up the large residence for a family to be raised and allow a senior to stay in familiar surroundings.   

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