Arts & Culture Survey - Shelley Tupper - Ward 2 - Edmonton

Yes I would be in favour of similarly creating, pursuing and supporting major national and international Art showcases that would put Edmonton on the world stages as a centre of arts and culture. ...

1. Do you feel the city does enough to encourage and support an active arts sector?

I feel the city does do enough to encourage and support an active arts sector:

  • through the funding of the Edmonton Arts Council (E.A.C.) who partners with provincial and federal funders to leverage the municipal dollars and 
  • by having representatives from the City of Edmonton (Branch Manager of Community Strategies and Development) and Edmonton Economic Development Corporation) on E.A.C.’s Board of Directors.

2. What would you change in the city’s current approach?

  • A review of the grants available from E.A.C. to determine if there are restrictions or limits that could be removed to greater assist worthy grant recipients.
  • A review of E.A.C.’s granting committees if more diversity would be beneficial to the city’s varied art sector.

3. Do you support the city’s purchase and display of public art through the Percent for Art program (this provides 1 per cent of the construction budget of publicly accessible buildings in Edmonton to buying public art)?

I do support the city’s one per cent of the construction budget of publicly accessable buildings in Edmonton. The spending on the art is often incorporated into the projects to have a functional aspect too.

4. Appropriate facilities to support Edmonton’s arts and culture industries are critical to our city’s growth and development in this area. The creation of specific districts to support certain kinds of Arts, such as music districts, has been adopted in some cities to foster growth of cultural industries. How would you propose supporting the creation of dedicated arts districts?

I think you have to start by determining what is already in existence. Assistance has been provided to build up the theatre district in Old Strathcona for example. 

If we look at venues for musicians to play, an assessment could be made if these facilities are being utilized to capacity; as this industry is having difficulty growing. This could be due to the affordability and suitability of arts spaces. Are there adaptable venues that would attract more than one kind of production and/or audiences? I don’t think it would be wrong to have some cross over.

5. In the province’s current economic situation, the city’s resources are stretched. In this climate, how important is it for the city to financially support new arts facilities and activities?

I believe it is vital to provide the seed funding for new facilities and activities so corporate donations are leveraged, including their companion media sponsors, and private donors valuing such investment. This contributes to a successful outcome that strengthens the economy. Otherwise it is very difficult for arts initiatives to be produced.

6. Beyond the scope of the questions above, do you have other thoughts as to how
you would continue to enhance arts and culture in our city?

I received feedback that the Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) provided for the patrons and artists through the Fringe was really appreciated.

We are lucky that media supports art by letting shows, exhibits etc into news for free. It is vital that appreciation for this support is exhibited within the arts industry, for it to continue.

7. What would you advocate to ensure that training in Fine Arts - music, dance, theatre, visual arts – is an integral part of the education of young Edmontonions?

I support the exposure of young Edmontonions to the arts in schools and communities, as with involvement in sports, this leads to well-rounded individuals. 

Alberta Education is currently reviewing the subject areas of arts, language arts, mathematics, social studies, sciences and wellness. Online surveys and meetings are planned to allow parents to provide feedback on changes.

8. What do you think it would take to make Edmonton a world class city?

Having a vibrant entertainment district that attracts world class entertainment to Edmonton.

9. What role do you see local Arts playing in helping to make Edmonton a world
class city?

The Winspear Centre has world class acoustics and is an outstanding concert hall. We have a great orchestra to illustrate what a great facility it is!

10. The City of Edmonton has supported such international sporting events as Festival International des Sports Extremes (FISE), ITU World Triathlon and the Tour of Alberta to place Edmonton on the national and world stage. Would you favour similarly creating, pursuing and supporting major national and international Arts showcases that would put Edmonton on the world stage as a centre of Arts and Culture?

Yes I would be in favour of similarly creating, pursuing and supporting major national and international Art showcases that would put Edmonton on the world stages as a centre of arts and culture. 

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